Thanks for your interest in our products, we truly appreciate it and we appreciate you as a user of our products. Below are the simple terms and conditions we expect everyone to follow as a guide to their conduct here. We want everyone here to feel welcome and equally entitled to help as well as provide useful, time-saving software in a peaceful environment.

If you feel you’ve thought of a useful feature or enhancement that would benefit others, we want to hear about it! Post your idea in the support forums and we’ll reply there so others can join in the discussion.


The software sold here is sold in good faith with the intention of helping solve problems while providing ease of use. We test the software on a variety of WordPress installs with various common or popular plugins to ensure compatibility. We will do our best to help you with any questions or issues and treat you with fairness and respect. In this spirit, we ask that everyone please use this as a guide to conduct here.

Getting Help

Your first line of contact for help should be the documentation or, if it is not answered there, in the support forums if it pertains to one of the topics there. This way everyone can learn if something pertains to a larger common issue or if someone else is experiencing the same problem.

If it’s something that is not covered above, then please feel free to use our main contact page for assistance. Please do not send us solicitations for products or services.


Refunds on completed purchases are not possible once the software is downloaded. If you have not downloaded the software, we will process a refund. Think of it as ordering food or a drink and asking for a refund after you’ve taken a bite or a drink. If there’s a legitimate problem we want to help you solve it and get it up and running.